Simon Stolz (.de)

B.Sc. Economics and Business Economics

On who I am

Grown up in Tübingen, Germany, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Economics at Maastricht University. My interest in Internet and Technology is reflected in my specialization in "Information and Network Economics" which, next to the general introduction into the science of Economics and Business, also considers concepts of Network Economics, System Design, Information- and Knowledge Management and Game Theory. I spent my foreign semester at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon. Also, I have a passion for web- and graphic design with Adobe Photoshop and advanced coding abilities in HTML and CSS. I have experience with Wordpress, Joomla and phpBB.

Work Experience

Internship: Quantitative Market Research - 10/2012 - 02/2013
Areas: Technology Sector, Consumer and Retail Sector.
Responsibilties: Data Analysis, Data Presentation, Broad Insight in Research and Survey Methods (CAPI, CATI etc.)
IT: IBM SPSS, Microsoft Office, Internal SAP Systems

Internship: Controlling - 08/2012 - 10/2012
Area: Air & Seafreight.
Responsibilities: Financial Benchmark Analysis, Corporate Sales Monitoring
IT: Microsoft Office, Oracle ApEx, CP Corporate Planning

Digital Infrastructure, PR, Mediatior - 09/2010 - 02/2011
The Maastricht University Green Office is an organization within the University of Maastricht, aiming on facilitating and fostering sustainability at the University. The project was newly granted by the university and structures, goals, strategies, roles and connections had to be established in this start-up environment. My responsibilities did lie in the area of IT and Accounting.

Founder - 12/2009 - 09/2010
In a team of 5 fellow students we were providing information about Maastricht's night- and studentlife on an appealing wordpress blog complemented by a "phpBB"-Blackboard. The project lead to an invitation as speaker at "Week of Entrepreneurship" - "Students for Students Edition", which was organized by Maastricht Centre of Entrepreneurship and Momentum. However, due to competition, inactivity of members and my employment at Maastricht University's Green Office, which I founded and set up, was closed down.
See also: (1.) Access Statistics - General ; (2.) Access Statistics - Location

Academic Work

About the Effects of Network Configuration Measures on Information Exchange in Online Social Networks

07/2014 - Master Thesis
Social networking sites are widely used for private communication. Also organizations start to make use of "Enterprise Social Network" applications to support information exchange and knowledge sharing (e.g. "Yammer") In my master thesis I examine the association of structural configurations on Facebook, over perceptions of social capital, personality traits and small-world efficiency, on information exchange in social network sites.
Keywords: User Content Generation, Social Network Analysis, Social Media, Data Mining, Tie Strength

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The Market for Internet Browsers: An Analysis of Standards and Indirect Network Effects

05/2012 - Capstone Assignment
Network effects, path dependence and lock-in are economic laws in what is called the "new economy". Frictionless markets and the copy-paste nature of the internet have implications for consumers as well as producers. In my capstone assignment I elaborate on the constitution of the market for internet browsers in the context of these network effects.
Keywords: Internet browser, Indirect Network Effects, Compatibility

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Creative Work

Gephi Facebook Network Visualization

Visualization of my facebook network using Gephi.

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Photoshop - Saber & Apple

Experimenting with a drawing pad - (also available in higher resolution for more detail)

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Green Office Maastricht

The initial Green Office Layout (now revised due to new brand identity regulation: the new version)

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